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Visitor ID

Generating, processing and sorting of the Area ID module video data according to the specified parameters, with following extraction of the necessary information for use in the Visitor ID module system.

Video analytics of visitors in the video camera visibility range. Determining the number of visitors with registration by time and other specified individual parameters. Forming groups and sorting visitors by age, gender, behavior and emotions.

Generating reports for the security service, dispatch service, administrators and company management. Forming and maintenance of a register of violators and incidents. Interactive search for the necessary information, visitors in the database according to the specified parameters by photos, color, size, certain images, template, date, incidents, displaying a history per each camera taking into account the coverage area and the whole facility or room. Forming video archives for a given period. Notifying security personnel and other services online by e-mail and SMS about violations and incidents.

Formatting and generating various types of reports through the user’s personal account according to the given templates and parameters.

To connect and use the Visitor ID module:


Take all steps of connecting and using the Area ID module


Make a request for Visitor ID connection


Activate the module in your account.