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Face ID

The module recognizes and distinguishes employees and company personnel from the general people traffic at the facilities or in the premises of according to the specified parameters and photographs captured by cameras operating in the Area ID module system.

Forming routes at the facility and in the premises, individual and collective business processes, production tasks for employees and company personnel using video cameras. Personnel management through a video surveillance system.

Organizing control over the implementation of the work schedule, regulations and production tasks, generating various reports according to the specified parameters, registering the time of arrival and departure of employees and company personnel. Tracking approved routes, time spent by employees and personnel in certain areas, at facilities and in premises, and fulfilling production tasks.

Formatting and generating various types of reports through the user’s personal account according to the given templates and parameters.

To connect and use the Face ID module:


Take all steps of connecting and using the Area ID module


Make a request for Face ID connection.


Activate the module in your account.